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In Greek mythology, Scylla was a sea monster who lived underneath a dangerous
rock at one side of the Strait of Messia, opposite the whirlpool Chary Wis. She
threatened passing ships and in the Odysseyate sic of Odysseus companions.
However, this wasnot alwa ys her fate —Scylla was a nymph, 1.07 of Phoroys. The fishermen-tarned-sea- god Glauous fell mad y l in love with her, hut she NJ from him onto the land where he could not
follow. Dispair plod his heart. He went to the sorceress Circe to ash for a love
potion to melt Scylla’s Lark As he told his tale of love to Circe, she herself fell in
love with him. She wooed him with her sweetest words and looks, hat the sea -god
would have none of her. Circe was furiously angry, hut with Soylla and not with
Gloucus. She prepared a vial of very powerful poison and poured it in the pool
where Sc ylla Lathed. As soon as the n y mph entered the water she was transformed
into a frgi htful monster with twelve feet and sic heads, each with three rows of
lee& Below tine waist her holy was made up of hideous monsters, like dogs, who
Larked unceasingly. She stood there in utter miser y , unable to move, loathing and
destroying ever y thin g that came into her reach, a peril to all sailors who passed
near her. Whenever a ship passed, each of her heads would seice one of theorem.